The Brand

Wakeup Cosmetics Milano is the new Italian brand created in Milan thanks to the passion of its founders, in love with art and with the idea that every face can become a masterpiece thanks to an innovative make-up concept.

The company is part of Get Holding, an investment company that operates in the real estate, hospitality and tourism sectors, in retail and in the world of cosmetics.


The bright side of life.

Wakeup Cosmetics Milan is not only a new cosmetic brand but it represents a new make-up philosophy designed to awaken the natural beauty of every woman, to offer a unique experience in the name of energy, freedom and dynamism: as light is a source of life, Wakeup is a source of vitality.

Beauty is energy that comes from the sun, the brightest star that, thanks to the light, generates a magnificent kaleidoscope of colors: Wakeup Cosmetics Milano is the bright side of life, that shines and makes it shine, which radiates positivity.

The logo - a vibrant sun that embraces the spiral of life - expresses the values of the brand with the clarity and lightness of its design and colors: a bright and always accessible beauty.


Endless products for infinite beauty.

Wakeup Cosmetics Milano wants to offer an infinite range of products that are a joy for the eyes, mouth, face and hands; a palette of colors and textures and a competitive price that combines top quality with greater accessibility.

Wakeup Cosmetics Milano does not limit the creativity and pleasure that every woman can experience in painting herself as a work of art, with an offer that is aimed at all women of all ages and from the most diverse lifestyles that share a bold and curious spirit, elegant and dynamic women who want to experiment in absolute freedom.